Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Diploma in Indigenous Resource Management (60 credit units)

The Diploma in Indigenous Resource Management provides students with a broad background in resource management for Indigenous communities. The diploma builds on the Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Certificate and prepares students to become land managers in their communities and to provide leadership in local, provincial, and national settings. The program teaches students the skills required for future employment as land managers as well as the scientific and traditional knowledge required for research and decision-making. The diploma is entirely offered through a combination of on-line and condensed (i.e., one-week) delivery courses, although students may also opt to take face-to-face courses. Students enrolling in the diploma would normally complete the Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Certificate before enrolling in the diploma. Transfer credit may also be given for the Professional Lands Management Certificate Program from the National Aboriginal Land Manager’s Association. Please contact the College of Agriculture & Bioresources for further information.

*Please note that a maximum of 12 credit units of transfer credit can be used for credit toward this diploma if block transfer credit is applied.

Required Certificate Courses (21 credit units)

  • Completion of the Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Certificate (21 credit units). This would mean completion of the following courses:
  • ASKI 101.3
  • ASKI 102.3
  • ASKI 103.3
  • ASKI 104.3
  • ASKI 105.3
  • ASKI 201.3
  • INDG 107.3

  • Or, completion of the Indigenous Peoples' Resource Management Certificate plus INDG 107.3

Core Requirements (21 credit units)

  • GEOG 120.3
  • GEOG 150.3
  • GEOG 280.3
  • GEOG 386.3
  • PLAN 329.3
  • SLSC 232.3

Choose 3 of the following one-credit unit courses:

  • EVSC 204.1
  • RRM 201.1
  • SLSC 205.1

Restricted Electives (15 credit units)

Please note that BIOL 204 and 207 are recommended for students who intend to ladder into the [B.Sc.(RRM)] programs. The following courses are not available on-line: INDG 210.3, EVSC 380.3, ANBI 375.3ANBI 475.3RRM 301.9INDG 221.3 and INDG 241.3.

  • AGRC 111.3
  • AGRC 112.3
  • ANBI 375.3
  • ANBI 475.3
  • BIOL 204.3 offered by Athabasca University
  • BIOL 207.3 offered by Athabasca University
  • EVSC 380.3
  • GEOG 352.3
  • GEOG 381.3
  • GEOG 385.3
  • INDG 210.3
  • INDG 221.3
  • INDG 241.3
  • INDG 264.3
  • PLSC 234.3
  • POLS 323.3
  • RRM 301.9

Open Electives (3 credit units)

 Please choose 3 credit units of open electives.

Block Transfer Credit

Please note that completion of the following can be used to meet 15 credit units of the restricted electives and 3 credit units of the open elective requirements in this program:

  • The Professional Lands Management Certificate Program from the National Aboriginal Land Manager’s Association

Please contact the College of Agriculture and Bioresources for more information on block transfer credit.