Please note that no new students will be admitted to this option in 2022-23.

An "Option" within the College of Engineering is a prescribed set of courses that provides a concentration of specialized training in one particular field of study of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) program. Options are approved at the College level but are unique to Departments within the College, consisting of at least 15 credit units, none of which are core courses taken by all students within the Department.

This option is available to students pursuing the B.E. in Chemical Engineering program. It provides specialization in sciences/engineering courses that apply to traditional bioprocessing industries such as food and beverage processing, enzyme production, biofuels and pharmaceuticals. Students wishing to complete this option must take BMSC 240.3 Laboratory Techniques in year 2 of the program.

Required Biochemical Electives (18 credit units)

Please consult an academic advisor for assistance in choosing electives.

The Biochemical option courses can replace Group A and Group B Electives in the regular Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) Chemical Engineering program. If a student successfully completes the option as listed below, the student will not have to take CHEM 231.3 Inorganic Chemistry I and can substitute it with an option course.

Required Courses (18 credit units)