The Kanawayihetaytan Askiy (KA) Program is a uniquely designed certificate program focused on providing a broad range of topic areas specific to the management of lands and resources. The program examines basic environmental, legal and economic aspects of land and resource management in Aboriginal communities. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal Rights, Strategic Planning, Land Use Planning, Traditional Knowledge, Resource Management, Intellectual Property Law and project management. 

This program hosts students from every corner of Canada. The unique delivery model accommodates students offering a blended learning format to accommodate the professional work lives of the students. Students will be expected to travel to Saskatoon three (3) times a year (January, April, and July) for approximately two weeks of intensive face to face instruction, field trips and laboratory work, with students meeting during the evening and weekend.  Attendance for the entirety of the face to face instruction is mandatory.  Following the on-campus period, students will return home for seven-to-ten weeks of off-campus study and participation in class chat sessions.

The Certificate is comprised of the following courses (21 credit units):


  • ASKI 101.3
  • ASKI 102.3
  • ASKI 103.3
  • ASKI 104.3
  • ASKI 105.3
  • ASKI 201.3
  • INDG 107.3