Graduates of this program will be able to speak French fluently, develop complex ideas, and use language flexibility for social, academic and professional purposes. They will understand long and difficult texts and their written and oral French will be clear and well-structured. The students will also understand the diversity and the richness of francophone cultures (in France, Africa, and the Caribbean for example) thanks to the analysis of complex texts or films, and gain a greater insight of Canadian culture.

Major Average

The major average in the Certificate in Advanced French Language and Culture includes the grades earned in:

  • All courses eligible to be used in the program
Residency Requirements in the Major

To receive a Certificate in Advanced French Language and Culture, students must complete at least half of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum credit units required in the program.

See Residency for additional details.

Requirements (15 credit units)

  • FREN 212.3
  • FREN 218.3
Choose 9 credit units from the following:

  • FREN — 300-Level, 400-Level