Canadian literature is an essential part of the cultural history of this country. The Minor in Canadian Literature in English allows you to learn about all facets of our national literatures published in the English language. Our foundational course, ENG 255.3, provides an introduction to Canadian fiction, poetry and oral narratives. Our other courses permit you to investigate particular areas of interest, including Indigenous literatures in Canada, Western Canadian literature, Canadian plays and Canadian speculative fiction.

The Canadian Literature Minor provides excellent background preparation if you intend to pursue a teaching career in high schools or at the college level. It can also enrich your study of other areas of Canadian studies, including Canadian literature in French, Canadian drama, art, history, indigenous studies, and political studies. And it is ideal if you simply have a keen interest in the Canadian literary imagination.

NOTE: This minor is not for English majors; this minor may be taken only by students in an Arts & Science degree majoring in fields of study other than English.

Minor Average and Residency Requirements:
The Minor average in Canadian Literature in English will be calculated using the grades earned in all courses eligible to be included in the Minor program requirements. Students must complete at least two-thirds of the program requirements (rounded to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) using courses offered by the University of Saskatchewan to meet the Residency requirement.

Requirements (21 credit units)

Requirement One:

Choose 6 credit units from the following:

  • ENG — 100-Level

Requirement Two:

  • ENG 255.3

Requirement Three:

Choose 12 credit units from the following:

  • ENG 242.3
  • ENG 254.3
  • ENG 294.3
  • ENG 305.3
  • ENG 335.3
  • ENG 338.3
  • ENG 358.3
  • ENG 359.3
  • ENG 382.3
  • ENG 418.3
  • ENG 466.3