Double Honours Programs may be taken in combinations of two subjects. In this program at least 36 credit units will normally be taken in each subject. For further details, please see the Academic Policies section.

Of the requirements listed in Major 2, some courses (usually 6 credit units) may be used to fulfill Requirements 1 to 3 of Major 1. If this happens, the result will be that the number of Open Electives in Requirement 5 will be increased accordingly to continue to require a total of 120 credit units for the Double Honours degree.

Students must complete at least two-thirds of the Major 2 program requirements (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan to meet the mandatory residency requirement.

The major average for the Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies portion of a Double Honours program will be calculated using the grades earned in all courses eligible to be included in the program requirements. 

Note that the same course may not be used to fulfill requirements in both CMRS and the cognate program, with the exception of HIST 494.0 or ENG 497.0.

Requirements (39 credit units)

Of the total 39 credit units required, no more than 15 credit units may be at the 100-level, at least 6 credit units must be at the 300-level and 12 credit units at the 400-level (includes CMRS 401.3 CMRS Texts and Themes and CMRS 402.3 Directed Research).

  • CMRS 110.3
  • CMRS 111.3
  • CMRS 300.0
  • CMRS 401.3
  • CMRS 402.3
  • ENG 497.0 or HIST 494.0

Choose 12 credit units from the following:

  • ENG 301.3
  • ENG 310.3
  • FREN 122.3
  • FREN 125.3
  • FREN 212.3
  • FREN 218.3
  • FREN 220.3
  • GERM 202.3
  • GERM 204.3
  • GERM 214.3
  • GERM 217.3
  • SPAN 202.3
  • SPAN 204.3
  • SPAN 214.3
  • SPAN 217.3

Choose 15 credit units from the following:

CMRS 433 may only be counted if the object of study is a historical document.

*A shell course that may be taken more than once must have its content confirmed by Program Director