In the Computer Science Professional Internship Option, students typically complete 16 consecutive months of supervised work experience with a sponsoring employer in addition to the requirements for a computer science program. Normally, the work placement commences after the student has completed three years of a four-year degree program in Computer Science. The placement lasts from May 1 of one year to August 31 of the next year. Twelve-month internship placements are also allowed. However, only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. for medical reasons) will a shorter duration work period be permitted. Students should note that an internship is NOT a summer work program.

Benefits to Students: For students who go on internship placements, there are several benefits: (1) acquiring practical training and valuable experience in their prospective career area, adding strength to their résumé, and thus improving their job prospects upon graduation; (2) getting the "inside track" on full-time employment opportunities with the same company in which the student interned, through established professional contacts; and (3) earning an income to help finance the final year of their university education.

Only a limited number of internship placements will be available in a given year. Eligibility for an internship placement will be decided by the Internship Coordinator in the Department of Computer Science, while hiring decisions for internship students are made by the employers.

Students are required to apply by September 30 for admission to an internship in May of the following year. If selected for an internship placement, students must complete all degree requirements, and the following courses:

  • CMPT 401.0
  • CMPT 402.0
  • CMPT 403.0
  • CMPT 404.0 (not required for students who have been granted permission for a 12-month internship)

A student must successfully complete all requirements of the internship option in order to receive the Professional Internship designation on the University transcript.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the Internship Coordinator in the Department of Computer Science for further details about internship opportunities.