Environmental geoscience is the scientific study of relationships between Earth processes, human activities, and the environment. Environmental Geoscientists integrate knowledge of physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the Earth system to investigate how geological processes have influenced the environment over geologic time. They also study recent environmental impacts of human activities, including extraction of energy and mineral resources, and explore ways to minimize these impacts.

With both Four-year and Honours options, the B.Sc. in Environmental Geoscience program ensures students develop a strong foundation in core geoscience disciplines and gain knowledge of interrelated environmental geoscience fields. Consequently, students complete courses in topics including geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, mineralogy, and geophysics.

All graduates meet knowledge requirements for Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) licensure with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS), which is legally required to practice geoscience in Saskatchewan and across Canada. 

Graduates of this program will have wide ranging employment opportunities in both the private and public sector. Ongoing growth of job opportunities in environmental geoscience with resource companies, consulting firms, and governmental agencies make this program an excellent option for students with interest in geoscience and the environment.

Students may choose to complete a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Geoscience as well as a B.Sc. degree in Geology. Such students are strongly encouraged to consult with the department or an advisor in the Undergraduate Student Office before completing their first degree, to ensure that courses are selected in such a way to leave this option open.

Major Average

The major average in Environmental Geoscience programs includes the grades earned in:

  • All senior GEOL courses and all courses listed in the Major Requirement C4.

Residency Requirements in the Major

To receive a degree in Environmental Geoscience, students must complete at least two-thirds of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum requirements in Major Requirement C4.

See Residency for additional details.