Health Studies is a distinct interdisciplinary undergraduate program that builds on and combines science, social sciences, and humanities/fine arts. Grouped around a set of core courses, this program offers a wide range of courses across the College of Arts and Sciences. The Health Studies program adopts an integrative perspective that emphasizes how the various aspects of health and wellness, including mental health, are understood within the context of interrelated systems such as individual, society, culture, and the environment. Within this systems perspective, the person occupies a central position and individual factors such as biology, genetics, personality, attitudes and abilities all impact upon health and development.

Students must choose one area of focus upon entering the Health Studies program. Concentration within a stream of study, including specific clusters of courses, facilitates depth in specific areas, thus facilitating job training in particular areas or further study in specific disciplines. The approved courses within each stream are listed, but other appropriate courses may be approved by the Program Chair

Students who plan to apply to a professional program (e.g. Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc.) should consult the admission requirements for that program for guidance in choosing their program concentration and electives.

Students who are considering applying to graduate programs should consult with an advisor in the specific department to which they intend to apply (at the University of Saskatchewan or other institution) to determine whether additional courses in the specific discipline will be required for admission. In some cases these requirements may be met by careful selection of electives.

Major Average

The major average in the Health Studies programs includes grades earned in:

  • All courses listed in the Major Requirement (J4)

Residency Requirement in the Major

To receive a degree in Health Studies, students must complete at least two-thirds of the coursework from the University of Saskatchewan. See Residency for additional details.