This five-year program is available to students in the B.Sc. Four-year and Honours programs. Entrance Requirements for Hydrology majors:

Students must hold a Cumulative Weighted Average of 70% or higher (or have permission of the department) and must have completed no fewer than 54 and no more than 84 credit units of course work. To qualify for participation in the Co-operative Education Program, students must have successfully completed the following courses:

  • GEOG 120.3 or GEOL 121.3
  • GEOG 222.3
  • GEOG 225.3 or GEOG 290.3
  • PHYS 115.3
  • STAT 245.3 or PLSC 214.3
  • MATH 110.3
  • 9 credit units of electives in the sciences (CMPT 141.3 is recommended).

Satisfactory completion of each work term is required prior to registration in the next work term. Each work term is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Courses are taken in the following sequence:

  1. University courses (54 to 84 credit units), two years or more;
  2. Work placement GEOG 272.0 Work Experience I, summer (May to August);
  3. Work placement GEOG 372.0 Work Experience II, Term 1 (September to December);
  4. University courses (partial third year), Term 2 (January to April);
  5. Work placement GEOG 373.0 Work Experience III, summer (May to August);
  6. University courses (remainder of third year), Term 1 (September to December);
  7. Work placement GEOG 472.0 Work Experience IV, Term 2 (January to April);
  8. Work placement GEOG 473.0 Work Experience V (if desired), summer (May to August);
  9. University courses (fourth year), Term 1 and 2 (September to April).