The core departments participating in the International Studies Program are Archaeology & Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Studies, and Sociology. Indigenous Studies and Women's & Gender Studies also contribute courses in the program (but are not "core" departments). Please visit the program website for contact information for the Chair of the International Studies Program Committee or for the names of the Committee members.

Students must choose 3 to 6 credit units of courses from 5 of the 6 core areas: ANTH, ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLS and SOC.

Major Average

The major average in International Studies programs includes the grades earned in:

  • All courses listed in the Major Requirement B4. (A maximum of 6 credit units of courses at the 400-level from a core department but not explicitly listed in the Major Requirement will be used in the calculation of the major average.)

Residency Requirements in the Major

To receive a degree in International Studies, students must complete at least two-thirds of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum requirements in Major Requirement B4.

See Residency for additional details.