Students who complete the Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture will have demonstrated basic communication skills in Japanese, and have acquired some fundamental knowledge about Japanese culture.

Major Average

The major average in the Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture includes the grades earned in:

  • All courses eligible to be used in the program.
Residency Requirements in the Major

To receive a Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture, students must complete at least half of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum credit units required in the program.

See Residency for additional details.

Requirements (15 credit units)

  • JPNS 114.3
  • JPNS 117.3
  • JPNS 214.3
  • JPNS 217.3
Choose 3 credit units from the following:

  • HIST 295.3
  • HIST 296.3
  • JPNS 233.3

Students who have already attained a higher level in Japanese will not take JPNS 114, or both JPNS
114 and JPNS 117, depending on their proficiency. Such students would then take additional courses
from HIST 295, HIST 296, and JPNS 233 to fulfill the 15 credit units required for the certificate program.