Mathematical Physics is a subject drawing its inspiration from both Mathematics and Physics, its main activity is characterized by those conceptual, mathematical frameworks which describe or explain physical phenomena. Accounting for the essential physical features, one builds theories of physical phenomena, in which those features are expressed in precise mathematical terms. The deductions of the theory are expected to be both mathematically precise and to capture some aspect of physical reality. Mathematical Physics extends to the deepest, most difficult and fascinating realms of both Mathematics and Physics. This program was designed by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Physics and Engineering Physics to meet the needs of students interested in this interdisciplinary subject.

Students in this program are required to consult annually with a program representative. Please visit the program webpage for more information. 

Mathematical Physics is available only in the B.Sc. Honours program. A student who does not meet Honours standards will have the option of completing a B.Sc. Four-year in Mathematics or in Physics.

Residency Requirements in the Major

To receive a degree in Mathematical Physics, students must complete at least two-thirds of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum senior course requirements in Major Requirement C4.
See Residency for additional details.