The Certificate in Medical Language provides students with a credential recognizing their proficiency in medical terminology, including etymology, word formation, and the conventions of contemporary usage.

During the process of completing the required courses for this certificate, students will develop not only the necessary skills to define medical terms (including the Latin phrases that comprise the international corpus of anatomical names known as the Terminologia Anatomica), but also to coin original terms to describe new medical conditions, procedures, and discoveries accurately and succinctly.

 Major Average

 The major average in the Certificate in Medical Language includes the grades earned in:

  • All courses eligible to be used in the program.

Residency Requirements

To receive a Certificate in Medical Language, students must complete at least two-thirds of the following coursework (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Minimum credit units required in the program.

See Residency for additional details.

Requirements (15 credit units)

Complete the following 12 credit units:

  • CLAS 103.3
  • CLAS 203.3
  • LATN 112.3
  • LATN 113.3

Choose 3 credit units from the following:

  • CLAS 101.3
  • CLAS 431.3
  • GRK 112.3
  • HIST 273.3
  • LATN 202.3