In the Physics Professional Internship Option, students complete up to 16 consecutive months of supervised work experience with a sponsoring employer in addition to the requirements for a Physics program. Normally, the work placement commences after the student has completed three years of a four-year degree program in Physics. The placement typically lasts from May 1 of one year to August 31 of the next year. Shorter internship placements of 4, 8 or 12 months may also be allowed. Students should note that an internship is NOT a summer work program. A period of temporary employment qualifies for a Professional Internship if the following conditions are met:

  • The internship must be held at a company or institution that benefits from the skills that the student acquires during her or his university education and training.
  • Faculty members of the student’s home department or of cognate departments cannot serve as employers or work supervisors for an internship.
  • The internship extends over a continuous time period. The internship may include vacation periods, but it is not permissible to add several periods of employment for an internship.

The Chair of the Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) in Physics and Engineering Physics decides whether a proposed temporary employment meets the requirements for a Professional Internship. The decision of the UAC Chair can be appealed in writing to the Department Head within two weeks of notification of the UAC Chair’s decision. The Department Head’s decision on permissibility of an internship shall be final.

Benefits to Students: Students who participate in the internship program will benefit from: (1) acquiring practical training and valuable experience in their prospective career area, adding strength to their résumé, and thus improving their job prospects upon graduation; (2) getting the "inside track" on full-time employment opportunities with the same company in which the student interned, through established professional contacts; and (3) earning an income to help finance the final year of their university education.

Only a limited number of internship placements will be available in a given year. Eligibility for an internship placement will be decided by the Internship Coordinator in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, while hiring decisions for internship students are made by the employers.

Students are required to apply by October 1 for admission to an internship in May or later of the following year. If selected for an internship placement, students must complete the appropriate number of internship courses: PHYS 405.0, PHYS 406.0, PHYS 407.0, and PHYS 408.0 (PHYS 405 for a 4-month internship, PHYS 405 and 406 for an 8-month internship, PHYS 405 - 407 for a 12-month internship and all of PHYS 405 - 408 for a 16-month internship), in addition to the regular requirements of the B.Sc. degree. Each internship course has a duration of four months, and the number of courses is determined by the duration of the internship. A student must successfully complete all applicable requirements of the internship option in order to receive the Professional Internship designation on the University transcript.

At the end of the internship, the student must submit a detailed report about their internship experience. If the internship period exceeds the minimal period of four months, students are required to submit a brief (2-page) report about their experience every four months before the end of each of the internship courses. Employers are asked to submit a written statement about the student's progress.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the Internship Coordinator in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics for further details about internship opportunities.