Double Honours Programs may be taken in combinations of two subjects. In this program at least 36 credit units will normally be taken in each subject. For further details, please see the Academic Information and Policies section.

Of the requirements listed in Major 2, some courses (usually 6 credit units) may be used to fulfill Requirements 1 to 3 of Major 1. If this happens, the result will be that the number of Open Electives in Requirement 5 will be increased accordingly to continue to require a total of 120 credit units for the Double Honours degree.

Students must complete at least two-thirds of the Major 2 program requirements (to the nearest highest multiple of 3 credit units) from the University of Saskatchewan to meet the mandatory residency requirement.

Various Double Honours programs involving Religion and Culture and another department are permissible. The details of the program should be discussed in advance with the two department heads or their designates.

Area Requirements (36 credit units)

  • RLST 280.3

Choose 3 credit units from the following:

Choose 6 credit units from the following:

Choose 18 credit units from the following: 

Choose 6 credit units from the following: