The IDDP program admits citizens or residents of Canada who have completed a degree in dentistry from an international program that is not accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). Students must demonstrate a level of preclinical knowledge, acumen, and technical skill that is, at minimum, comparable to that of dental students who have completed year 2 of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) program. This level of competency will be demonstrated through successful completion of the DENT 497.0 course in this program. Students will join the D.M.D. program in year 3 and will complete years 3 and 4, which is the clinical component of the D.M.D. program. Successful completion of the program will allow the granting of a D.M.D. degree and will provide eligibility to sit the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) examinations, successful completion of which is required for licensure in Canada.

D.M.D. Program Requirements (103 credit units)

IDDP students are required to complete the last two years of the standard-route D.M.D. program, alongside students who were admitted through the standard D.M.D. admission process.

Year 1 (56 credit units)

This year of study matches up with Year 3 in the standard-route D.M.D. program.

Note: DENT 497.0 Essential Dentistry Skills must be successfully completed.

  • DENT 401.3
  • DENT 409.2
  • DENT 417.4
  • DENT 419.5
  • DENT 420.5
  • DENT 424.4
  • DENT 430.6
  • DENT 440.5
  • DENT 448.3
  • DENT 455.2
  • DENT 460.5
  • DENT 463.3
  • DENT 466.2
  • DENT 475.4
  • DENT 486.3

Year 2 (47 credit units)

This year of study matches up with Year 4 in the standard-route D.M.D. program.

  • DENT 501.2
  • DENT 517.4
  • DENT 524.4
  • DENT 563.3
  • DENT 580.2
  • DENT 586.32