The Post-Degree Certificate in Career and Guidance Studies is intended for those who wish to pursue career and guidance work in elementary and secondary schools. Guidance education pertains to career development as well as to social and personal management skills and topics related to wellness and mental health occurring within K-12 schools. The program is designed to meet the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board’s requirements for an Additional Qualification Certificate (AQC) in Career and Guidance Studies.

Program Requirements (30 credit units)

  • EFDT 528.3
  • EPSE 416.3
  • EPSE 417.3
  • EPSE 441.3
  • EPSE 525.3
  • EPSE 526.3
  • EPSE 527.3
  • EPSE 529.3
  • EPSE 540.3

  • 3 credit units from the following list of approved elective courses (in consultation with Program Advisor):
    • 300-Level, 400-Level, or 500-Level Arts and Science Courses
    • 300-Level, 400-Level, or 500-Level Education Courses
    • 300-Level, 400-Level, or 500-Level Kinesiology Courses

Note: Students entering the program having already completed any of the required courses will be required to take equivalent credits of approved electives, or receive credit for courses taken with permission of program coordinator. When choosing electives, students take responsibility for ensuring that they have the appropriate prerequisites or permission from the instructor(s).