The Post-Degree Certificate in English as an Additional Language Education (EAL) is a 15-credit unit online post-Bachelor of Education certificate program that examines the circumstances of EAL learners, their linguistic and cultural diversity, and individual learning needs. Graduates of this certificate will have extensive knowledge of best practices and current methodologies for learning second or additional languages. They will be provided with instructional approaches and assessment strategies that enable EAL learners to move beyond communicative language to academic language in order to reach curriculum outcomes. The certificate emphasizes culturally responsive teaching, the role of first languages, the stages of learning an additional language, and specific learning challenges that may impact EAL learners. 

If a required course within this certificate program has been taken as part of the B.Ed. program or any other degree program, students must select another elective course or language class in consultation with the academic coordinator.

Program requirements (15 credit units)

  • ECUR 291.3
  • ECUR 415.3
  • ECUR 490.3
  • ECUR 492.3
  • ECUR 493.3