International Business Minor

The International Business minor provides business students with an opportunity to increase their awareness of the international business environment and better prepare them for a career in international business. Students who, in conjunction with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in a different subject, take 18 credit units or more of the course requirements below, will receive a minor in International Business.

The minor average in International Business will be calculated using the grades earned in all courses eligible to be included in the minor program requirements. Students must complete 9 credit units using courses offered by the University of Saskatchewan to meet the Residency requirement. Students will be required to complete 9 credit units with an international partner institution while on a study abroad term or partaking in a summer program.

Students interested in pursuing the International Business minor should meet with an advisor in the Edwards School of Business to discuss program requirements and funding opportunities for study abroad.

Program Requirements (18 credit units)

  • COMM 340.3

University of Saskatchewan Electives (6 credit units)

Choose 6 credit units from the following:

  • COMM 456.3
  • COMM 466.3
  • COMM 485.3 
  • COMM 495.3
  • COMM 498.3 Global Strategy & Organizational Design Topic
  • ECON 254.3 
  • ECON 256.3 
  • ECON 270.3 
  • ECON 354.3 
  • ECON 356.3 
  • ECON 376.3 
  • IS 110.3 
  • IS 201.3 
  • IS 401.3 
  • IS 402.3 
  • One of IS 200.3 or IS 211.3 or IS 212.3 
  • POLS 245.3 
  • POLS 341.3 
  • POLS 349.3 
  • POLS 362.3 
  • POLS 375.3 
  • POLS 446.3 
  • POLS 471.3 

Please note that prerequisites apply for the above courses.

International Requirement (9 credit units)

Complete 9 credit units from the following:

  • COMM 498.3 – Edwards International Study Tour
  • Course(s) taken while studying internationally through an approved Edwards summer program
  • Course(s) taken while partaking in a U of S study abroad team with an approved Edwards partner institution