Graduate courses in Civil Engineering are offered in four broad areas:Transportation, Geo-Engineering, Structures and Materials Science, and Water Sciences.

Studies in Transportation include topics on transportation economics, transportation systems, pavement management, geometric design, and traffic engineering.

Studies in Geological, Geotechnical, and Geo-environmental Engineering include topics on rock mechanics, hydrogeology, petroleum wells and reservoirs, terrain evaluation, physio-chemical properties of soils, frozen soils,unsaturated and swelling soils, volume change and shear strength, slope stability, saturated-unsaturated seepage, contaminant transport, solid waste management, foundation and retaining wall design.

Studies in Structures and Materials Science include topics on structural analysis, numerical analysis methods, dynamics of structures, theory of elasticity, advanced composite materials, structural steel design, prestressed concrete and concrete technology.

Studies in Water Sciences include topics on environmental engineering, water quality,advanced water and waste water treatment, water resources development, river and canal engineering, open channel flow, hydraulic structures and machinery, wave mechanics, surface hydrology and statistical hydrology.

Active research programs are conducted in several majors including: geotechnical; geo-environmental; engineering geology; waste management in the domestic, resource and industrial sectors; environmental;hydrology;hydraulic structures; transportation and transportation economics; structural analysis and design, and civil engineering materials.

The Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering has no specified residency periods for its graduate programs. Master's and Ph.D. students must participate in the CE 990 graduate seminar activities as required, attend graduate advisory committee meetings in person, and maintain regular communications with their supervisor(s). All graduate students are encouraged to spend time on campus engaging in scholarly activities and interacting with faculty, staff and fellow students.

For more information on this field of study, see the Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering website.