Degree Requirements

Students must maintain continuous registration in the 996 course.

  • GPS 960.0
  • GPS 961.0, if research involves human subjects
  • GPS 962.0, if research involves animal subjects
  • minimum of 21 credit units, depending on previous course work (defined as course work that may have been taken in previous Master's level program), including:
    • prior to transfer, a minimum 9 credit units total from M.Sc. required courses
    • the remaining credit units for the Ph.D. including:
      • CHEP 817.3
      • an advanced research methods course, i.e. quantitative (e.g. CHEP 801, 806, 808 or equivalent) or qualitative (e.g. CHEP 818 or equivalent).
  • CHEP 990.0 Seminar
  • CHEP 996.0 Research – Dissertation
  • doctoral candidacy assessment
  • dissertation defense
  • Residency Requirement: Ph.D. students are required to live locally until core program requirements have been met, including advisory committee approval of pre-proposal, completion of required courses, and completion of the candidacy assessment