Students enrolled in an applicable master's program through the College of Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy & Nutrition, Dentistry, Kinesiology, Arts & Sciences, or M.P.H. programs may be considered for transfer into this program where they have a satisfactory academic record, a suitable supervisor, project, and pass an oral qualifying exam after the end of their first year of study. This qualifying exam will assess basic principles of epidemiology and biostatistics.

Degree Requirements

Students must maintain continuous registration in the 996 course.

  • GPS 960.0
  • GPS 961.0, if research involves human subjects
  • GPS 962.0, if research involves animal subjects

A minimum of 24 credit units coursework, including the following:

  • 6 credit units from epidemiology-specific elective courses
  • 9 credit units from electives appropriate to student's research
  • CHEP 801.3
  • PUBH 842.3
  • PUBH 990.0
  • PUBH 996.0