Applications are not being accepted for the Graduate Pathways Certificate.

The Graduate Pathways Certificate program is a non-degree graduate certificate program that advances the English proficiency of new graduate students who do not, at the time of admission, meet the minimum English requirements for their graduate program. Through a successive series of four courses, students will advance their ability to listen, speak, read and write academic English. Upon successful completion of the certificate, they are well prepared to be successful academically in a wholly English academic environment.


Applicants must have a minimum TOEFL IBT score of 15 in each area with an overall score of 65 OR an IELTS score of 4.5 in each area with an overall score of 5.0.

The courses must be completed in succession; however, depending on proficiency deemed at the point of entry, students may be assessed as having fulfilled the requirements of EAP 40 and EAP 50. The Graduate Pathways Certificate, while establishing a foundation for students to be successful in graduate studies, does not count towards a student’s time in program.

This certificate is available to graduate student applicants who meet all of the academic admission requirements of their program, except for the English proficiency component. Applicants will be admitted to the Graduate Pathways Certificate program after a conditional offer of admission is made by the discipline-specific program.

Students pursuing this certificate must have successfully completed the second course in the program (U-Prep 1) and be undertaking the third course (U-Prep 2) before they may register in another graduate course. Registration in another graduate course while taking U-PREP 2 will require the approval of both the student’s faculty supervisor and the U of S Language Centre.

Certificate Requirements

  • EAP 40.6
  • EAP 50.6
  • EAP 60.6
  • GPS 981.0