On rare occasions, exceptional Master's candidates who have completed all the course work requirements for the M.A. will be invited by the Graduate Committee of the Department of History to consider transferring into the Ph.D. program.

Degree Requirements

Students must maintain continuous registration in HIST 996.0

  • GPS 960.0
  • GPS 961.0, if research involves human subjects
  • GPS 962.0, if research involves animal subjects
  • HIST 990.0 (attendance; practice job interview)
  • HIST 996.0
  • a minimum of 21 credit units, at least 9 credit units of which must be history
  • comprehensive examinations: The comprehensive examinations are conducted October/ November of the second year of doctoral study; they consist of written examiniations in each field and an oral examination of all fields
  • language requirement: A reading and writing competency in a second language
  • qualifying examinations: the purpose of the qualifying examination is to satisfy the department that the student has the potential to obtain sufficient knowledge of the chosen general field of study to proceed toward candidacy for the Ph.D. degree. Normally, the successful completion of an M.A. in History will constitute the qualifying examination. This examination would be an interview conducted by the graduate director and the student’s supervisor to be held in late August or early September the purpose of which will be to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses and the shape of his or her program
  • successful oral thesis defence