The Master of Indigenous Land-Based Education is the first degree program of its kind. The course structure and offerings are designed with online offerings during the fall and winter terms of the academic year to accommodate students who are unable to leave their communities to study during the regular academic school year in person due to work and/or family commitments. To accommodate the K-12 school year, during the spring/summer academic term, two field-based courses on the land are held. The program is a 30-credit unit program, in this blended model of field-based and online courses. This structure is designed to maximize contact hours with faculty, with Indigenous communities, and with the land.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from a recognized college or university or documented and approved
  • Language Proficiency Requirements: Proof of English proficiency may be required for international
    applicants and for applicants whose first language is not English.
  • a Cumulative Weighted Average of at least 70% (University of Saskatchewan grade system
    equivalent) in the last two years of study (i.e., 60 credit units)

For more information on language proficiency requirements, see the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for Academic Policies.

Degree Requirements (30 credit units)

  • GPS 960.0
  • GPS 961.0 
  • GPS 962.0
  • EFDT 990.0 
  • EFDT 479.3 
  • ERES 810.3 
  • EFDT 844.3 
  • EFDT 870.3 
  • EFDT 854.3 
  • EFDT 845.3 
  • EFDT 825.3 
  • EFDT 854.3 
  • ILBE 992.3 
  • ILBE 869.3