With the recommendation of the unit, direct entry Ph.D. admission is available to exceptionally strong students, who show great promise in terms of academic accomplishments and potential for research.

Admission Requirements

  • A four-year undergraduate degree, or equivalent, in an academic discipline relevant to the proposed field of study.
  • Demonstrated ability for independent thought, advanced study, and independent research.
  • Evidence of research contributions (e.g. normally as published articles, abstracts, conference proceedings).
  • Language Proficiency Requirements: Proof of English proficiency may be required for international applicants and for applicants whose first language is not English.
  • a cumulative weighted average of at least a 85% (U of S grade system equivalent) in the last two years of study (at least 60 credit units of course work)

For more information on language proficiency requirements, see the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Academic Policies.

Degree Requirements

Students must maintain continuous registration in the KIN 996 course.

  • GPS 960.0
  • GPS 961.0, if research involves human subjects
  • GPS 962.0, if research involves animal subjects
  • at least 9 credit units of course work at the graduate level must be successfully completed in the first year of the program.

A minimum of 15 credit units, including the following: 

  • KIN 807.3
  • KIN 808.3 Note: it is permissible, with the supervisor’s and advisory committee’s permission, to substitute another course in data analysis for KIN 808.3
  • KIN 990.0
  • KIN 996.0
  • Student must enroll in KIN 990.0 until the research proposal is presented.
  • Students must select, either from the College of Kinesiology or another College, an additional 9 credit units of courses related to area of study. These 9 credit units of course work must be approved by both the supervisor and advisory committee.
  • Write a research grant; and have exposure to teaching during their time of residence in the program.
  • Write and successfully defend a dissertation based on original investigation.
  • doctoral candidacy assessment