The Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition offers graduate studies in the areas of clinical nutrition, community nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, dietary assessment and nutritional epidemiology, nutrition education, nutrition intervention, food security, food biotechnology issues, and nutrition services administration, and also participates in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program. Please see the College website for details on research programs of Nutrition Faculty.The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is focusing research activities in areas that are highly relevant to improving health and quality of life – in the areas of nutritional, lifestyle and community research, primary/ambulatory care,pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sciences, and neurosciences. Collaborative graduate opportunities exist with other health science,biomedical science, animal science and food and microbiological sciences departments, the School of Public Health, health regions and related agencies, the Canadian Light Source synchrotron and the University of the West Indies. In addition to offering Nutrition graduate courses, the College is involved in teaching an Animal Science course in advanced protein and amino acid nutrition.

For more information on this field of study, see the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition website.