The Teaching Preparation Certificate (TPC) is a non-credit and competency-based certificate, designed for graduate students and post-docs who have prior experience teaching or as a teaching assistant, or training in teaching skills. GPS 986 supports participants with assessing their level of competence in areas aligned with the USask Learning Charter and with documenting their growth in a teaching portfolio.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must either be a current Post-Doctoral Fellow or be registered in the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) in a Master’s or PhD program.

Certificate Requirements

  • GPS 986.0 - Students enroll in this course while they are completing competency-based requirements for the certificate program.
  • The culminating submission for completing the TPC is a teaching portfolio comprised of a self-assessment of competencies, a teaching philosophy statement, and evidence of meeting each of the outcomes and indicators in each of the three competency categories defined by the program.

 GPS Courses

  • Successful completion of either GPS 989.0 Introduction to University Teaching or GPS 982.0 Mentored Teaching may count toward evidence of meeting all outcomes in the three areas of competence defined by the program.