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Please note that no new students will be admitted to University and Graduate Bridging at this time.

General English Courses:

We specialize in English language courses that are designed to develop general and academic language skills. The University of Saskatchewan Language Centre (USLC) is nationally accredited by Languages Canada, Canada's national language education association.

Our classes will meet your needs to improve your English language skills and are offered three terms a year, targeting specific interest areas. Our current offered courses are designed for advanced academic students with a minimum of language level equivalence to CEFR-B2 or CLBPT-6/7.

These courses are not for beginner levels of English. 

Please visit the program website for details on these programs.

Full-time Academic English Program: We provide an intensive English for Academic Purposes program allowing international students and non-native English speakers to meet the English proficiency requirements of the University while acquiring crucial academic and cultural skills. The Full-time Academic English program is offered in 13-week terms three times per year. It includes four levels of English from Introductory English to University Bridging. Each level provides academic English instruction, tutorials and group work as well as sociocultural activities which support language learning.

Please visit for details on these programs.

English for Academic Purposes

Certificate (EAP)

The Certificate in English for Academic Purposes provides non-native speakers of English with the linguistic foundation, study skills and cross-cultural understanding to undertake post-secondary studies or, for personal and professional endeavours. The program consists of four levels from Introductory English to University Bridging (advanced academic English) offered in three terms per calendar year (Winter, Spring, and Fall). Each term is thirteen weeks long and consists of classes, tutorials, group work and additional supervised socio-cultural activities designed to support language learning.

Students are placed at the most appropriate level of the program with qualifying proficiency test scores upon application (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo or ILAC). Students may qualify for conditional acceptance to the University of Saskatchewan for six direct entry colleges (Arts & Science, Agriculture & Bioresources, Education, Engineering, the Edwards School of Business, and Kinesiology). If a student successfully completes the highest level of the English program (Level 4 or EAP 60.0), that student will be considered to have met the English proficiency requirement for all programs of the University of Saskatchewan (with the exception of Nursing) and so may undertake academic studies without further English testing. Successful completion of University Bridging will earn up to 6 credit units toward most undergraduate programs.

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  • Level 1 EAP 30.6
  • Level 2 EAP 40.6     
  • Level 3 EAP 50.6 
  • Level 4 EAP 60.6