Program Information

Part-time ESL Program: We offer part-time non-credit courses to anyone whose first language is not English. Students develop their writing, speaking and listening skills, as well as improving grammar and pronunciation, through evening classes and workshops.

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Full-time ESL Program: We provide an intensive English for Academic Purposes program allowing international students and non-native English speakers to meet the English proficiency requirements of the university while preparing themselves academically and culturally. The Full-time ESL program is offered in ten-week terms, four times per year. It includes five levels of English from Basic to Advanced (University Preparation Level 2 or University Bridging 2). Each level contains an average of 20 hours of English instruction per week, in addition to sociocultural activities.

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English for Academic Purposes

Certificate (EAP)

The Certificate in English for Academic Purposes provides non-native speakers of English with the linguistic foundation, study skills and cross-cultural understanding to undertake university studies. The program consists of five levels from Level 20 (basic) to University Preparation 2 (advanced academic English) offered in four terms per calendar year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Each term is ten weeks long and consists of approximately 200 hours of classroom instruction and additional supervised socio-cultural activities.

Students will receive a placement test at the beginning of term and be placed in the most appropriate level. Students may qualify for conditional acceptance to the University of Saskatchewan for six direct entry colleges (Arts & Science, Agriculture & Bioresources, Education, Engineering, the Edwards School of Business, and Kinesiology). If a student successfully completes the highest level of the English program (University Preparation 2), that student will be considered to have met the English proficiency requirement for all programs of the University of Saskatchewan (with the exception of Nursing) and so may undertake academic studies without further English testing. Further information is available at 


Basic Levels

  • Level 20

Intermediate Level

  • Level 30
  • EAP 40.0 (Level 40)

Advanced Level: University Preparation

  • EAP 50.0 
  • EAP 60.0