Doctor of Medicine (248 credit units)

Students entering the College of Medicine will take a four-year medical program consisting of two years pre-clerkship and two years clerkship. Admission requirements are detailed on the College of Medicine website. 

A unique opportunity exists for students to complete the M.B.A. and M.D. degrees concurrently. This opportunity is available to students accepted into the College of Medicine, allowing them to apply to and if accepted, complete an M.B.A. degree in addition to the M.D. degree. For further information on the M.B.A. admission and program requirements, please visit the M.B.A. program page. Students may consider completing a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. program during their M.D. program. For information, please contact both the College of Medicine and the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

For further information on the College of Medicine admission and program requirements please see the information below and the College of Medicine website.


First Year Pre-Clerkship (33 weeks) (66 credit units)

Term 1

  • MEDC 111.0
  • MEDC 132.3
  • MEDC 133.9
  • MEDC 136.21

Term 2

  • MEDC 142.3
  • MEDC 143.9
  • MEDC 146.21

Second Year Pre-Clerkship (33 weeks) (66 credit units)

Term 1

  • MEDC 211.0
  • MEDC 232.3
  • MEDC 233.9
  • MEDC 236.21

Term 2

  • MEDC 242.3
  • MEDC 243.9
  • MEDC 246.21

Third Year Clerkship (Core Rotations) (42 weeks) (66 credit units)

  • MEDC 307.50 or MEDC 306.50
  • MEDC 308.16
  • MEDC 311.0

Fourth Year Clerkship (Electives and Capstone Course) (33 weeks) (50 credit units)

  • MEDC 407.34
  • MEDC 408.8
  • MEDC 409.8

Optional Fifth Year Clerkship (33 weeks) (30 credit units)

The following is a clerkship extension course, offered both terms. It allows students the option of participating in an additional year of undergraduate medical training.

  • MEDC 505.15