An "Option" within the College of Engineering is a prescribed set of courses that provides a concentration of specialized training in one particular field of study in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) program.

This option is available to students pursuing the B.E. in Chemical Engineering program. It provides students the opportunity to take courses within the chemical engineering program that give them a focus on petroleum engineering, oil/gas engineering and bitumen upgrading. 

Required Petroleum Electives (15 credit units)

Please consult an Academic Advisor for assistance in choosing electives.

The Petroleum option requires students to complete five specialized courses, including the two technical electives already required for the Chemical Engineering degree. A student must complete the required courses below plus three of the elective courses listed.

Required Courses (6 credit units)

  • CHE 364.3
  • GEOL 108.3 or GEOL 121.3

Elective Courses (9 credit units)

  • CHE 453.3
  • CHE 454.3
  • CHE 460.3
  • CHE 464.3
  • GEOE 466.3