No new students will be accepted into this program. Please see the Engineering Co-operative Internship Program Option


The Engineering Professional Internship Program is a full-time paid internship opportunity, which includes between eight and sixteen months of professionally supervised work experience in industry. By participating in an internship, students apply the theoretical knowledge acquired throughout their undergraduate studies to a practical and challenging workplace environment.

Given that the Professional Internship Program is comprised of a series of four-month academic courses, interns earn a competitive salary, may receive benefit packages, and earn vacation pay, all while maintaining their full-time student status.

Aside from gaining practical and in-depth experience within a specialized field, interns typically develop strong interpersonal skills, the ability to write reports, present seminars, supervise others - all attributes that allow College of Engineering graduates to better market themselves in an increasingly competitive job market.

Normally, an internship placement commences either part way through a third year program or before a fourth year. Students interested in completing an internship in their fourth year of studies are strongly advised to consult with an academic advisor at least one year before they wish to go on internship. Participating in the internship program extends a student’s degree completion time by a minimum of one year.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in the Professional Internship Program, undergraduate students registered in the College of Engineering must

  • Be in third or fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E). degree program;
  • Have attained a 65% sessional weighted average in their most recent academic year;
  • Return to their academic studies with at least 18 credit units of coursework remaining;
  • Must not be on faculty action prior to leaving on internship; and
  • Must not receive a faculty action while on internship.

Please note that registration in CE 495.6, CHE 495.6, CME 495.6, EE 495.6, ENVE 495.6, EP 495.6, GE 495.6, GEOE 495.6, or ME 495.6 disqualifies a student’s eligibility for a January start date in the Engineering Professional Internship Program.

Application Process

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Engineering Professional Internship Program. Students who are currently on work placements through this program will be permitted to complete the work placements. Prospective students are encouraged to refer to catalogue infromation under the Engineeing Co-op Internship Program.

Program Requirements

All internship placements are either 8, 12, or 16 months in duration. Registered interns who secure a work placement in the Professional Internship Program will be registered in between two and four EPIP-series courses, each one being four months in duration. Students must complete a minimum of two of the following courses, in addition to the regular requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) program:

  • EPIP 401.0
  • EPIP 402.0
  • EPIP 403.0
  • EPIP 404.0

Registered interns are required to submit a written report on experience for evaluation every four months. Reports will be reviewed by a Faculty Supervisor within the College of Engineering and a grade of “pass” or “fail” assigned accordingly. The grade received on the written report will appear on a student’s academic transcript at the University of Saskatchewan. A student who fails one EPIP-series course will receive a failing grade in each of the courses and is deemed to have failed the internship program.

Please visit the “registered intern” tab on the Professional Internship Program website for additional details on student reporting.