First-Year Common Core

All undergraduate students admitted to the College of Engineering are required to complete a common first-year of undeclared studies (known as the first-year common core).

The first year curriculum features a modular structure, with well-integrated content across courses to reinforce program learning objectives and develop the skills and attitudes that will promote student success. A competency-based assessment approach, supported by daily help sessions, provides students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of fundamental concepts. Near the end of the Winter Term in first year, students will select a major and will be placed in the appropriate bridging courses to facilitate their transition into the upper year programs.

Prospective students who begin their studies in a college other than the College of Engineering are encouraged to consult an Academic Advisor within the Engineering Student Centre on a regular basis to plan their program of study, choose courses (including electives), and monitor their academic progress. 


Year 1 (41-44 credit units)

Year 1 will range from a total of 41 to 44 credit units, depending upon which major field of study is chosen.

Fall Term

*The start and end dates of the courses vary, as the duration of the courses varies from 4 to 12 weeks.

  • GE 102.2
  • GE 112.1 
  • GE 122.2 
  • GE 132.1 
  • GE 140.1 
  • GE 152.1 
  • GE 172.1
  • CMPT 142.3 
  • MATH 133.4 
  • Natural Science Series
    Students must complete all of the following courses: 
    • PHYS 152.1  
    • CHEM 142.1  
    • GEOL 102.1  
    • BIOL 102.1  

Winter Term

* The start and end dates of the courses vary, as the duration of the courses varies from 4 to 12 weeks.

  • GE 103.1   
  • GE 123.3  
  • GE 133.2  
  • GE 143.2 (Please note: This course is not taken by students entering Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering majors.) 
  • GE 153.2  
  • GE 163.2  
  • CHEM 146.3  
  • MATH 134.3  
  • PHYS 156.3

Discipline Bridge Course:

Course selection depends upon the major field of study chosen.

  • CMPT 146.3 (Computer and Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Physics)
  • ME 113.3 (Mechanical Engineering)
  • CHE 113.3 (Chemical Engineering) 
  • CE 171.2 (Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering)