An "Option" within the College of Engineering is a prescribed set of courses that provides a concentration of specialized training in one particular field of study in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) program. Options are approved at the College level but are unique to Departments within the College, consisting of at least 15 credit units, none of which are core courses taken by all students within the Department.

This option equips students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.E.) Geological Engineering program with a foundational knowledge of mining operations. Curricular emphasis is placed on process engineering, mine design, excavation techniques, and mineral deposits. Graduates of this option are anticipated to have an interest in mining operations and are likely to pursue careers in the associated industry.

Required Courses (15 credit units)

  • GEOE 377.3 (replaces a Group C elective)
  • GEOE 380.3 (replaces a Group C elective)
  • GEOE 430.3 (replaces a Group C elective)
  • GEOE 431.3 (replaces a Group C elective)
  • GEOL 465.3 or GEOL 413.3 (replaces a Group A elective)