The Certificate in Professional Communication‐ Technical and Professional Writing (CPC‐TPW) program is a certificate of proficiency program that prepares students for a professional career by cultivating communicative judgment in professional practice. In particular, students will improve professional writing skills for both general and scientific audiences. The program consists of three courses (9 credit units). All courses within the program have a rhetorical foundation and are delivered by the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development, College of Engineering.

Registration in the Certificate in Professional Communication: Technical and Professional Writing is available to undergraduate students who are enrolled in any degree program at the University of Saskatchewan; however, it may also be completed as a stand-alone program. Students are required to complete RCM 407.3 and RCM 408.3, and one of either RCM 400.3 or RCM 410.3.

Course Information

All required courses, and most elective courses, in the Certificate in Professional Communication (CPC) program are offered on an annual basis during the fall and winter terms. Select courses may be offered during the spring and summer terms.

In its current form, all courses in the Certificate in Professional Communication (CPC) program are delivered in a traditional lecture format whereby participants are required to attend class in person at the University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Campus. Courses are not currently offered online or in a modular or blended format.

For further information on current academic offerings, please consult the Dynamic Schedule or contact the School of Professional Development, College of Engineering via telephone (306-966-7830).

Certificate Requirements (9 credit units)

Required Courses (6 credit units)

  • RCM 407.3
  • RCM 408.3

Elective courses (3 credit units)

  • RCM 400.3
  • RCM 410.3