The Certificate in Technological Innovation – Leading Innovative Teams (CTI-LIT) program is a certificate that prepares students for being a team leader in managing implementing new technologies and managing the organizational changes. The program cultivates in the students the strategic mindset to assess an organization's capacity for innovation, to engage effectively with key stakeholders, and to shape their organization so that they can continuously build and commercialize valuable innovations. The program consists of five courses (13 credits). All courses within the program have a organizational management focus. The program is jointly delivered by the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development, College of Engineering and Edwards School of Business.

Registration in the Certificate is available to undergraduate students who are enrolled in engineering degree program at the University of Saskatchewan; however, it may also be completed as a stand-alone program. Students are required to complete the required courses listed below.

For more information please refer to the Tech Innovation Program website:  

Course information

All required courses and most of the elective course in the Certificate in Technological Innovation program are offered on an annual basis during the fall and winter terms. Select courses may be offered during the spring and summer terms.

For further information on current academic offerings, please consult the Dynamic Schedule or contact the School of Professional Development, College of Engineering via telephone (306-966-7830).

Certificate Requirements (13 credit units)

Required Courses (10 credit units)

  • GE 451.1 
  • COMM 205.3 
  • GE 348.3 
  • GE 450.3 

Elective courses (3 credit units)

  • COMM 201.3 
  • COMM 211.3 
  • COMM 340.3
  • COMM 347.3
  • COMM 368.3
  • RCM 404.3 
  • RCM 409.3 
  • COMM 495.3 
  • GE 431.3

Optional Course and Extracurricular Activities

Students may find the following courses useful to complete as additional learning experiences:

  • GE 495.6 
  • GE 496.3 
  • Engineering Co-op Internship Program with a Startup Company
  • Saskatchewan Innovation Growth and Market Accelerate (SIGMA) Educational Skill Accelerator