The program of studies leading to the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) requires three years of study in the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.

In order to obtain the degree of Juris Doctor, a student must satisfy the requirements for admission; register annually for the prescribed courses; pay the required fees; attend classes; pass examinations as prescribed; successfully complete the requirements in the College of Law Academic Regulations. Upper year requirements include a minor research paper, a major research paper, a seminar, an upper-year Indigenous law course, an Ethics course, and Administrative Law. Students must successfully complete all required courses; and achieve grades at the level set out in the College Assessment Regulations. Students may not take additional courses in other faculties without the permission of the Associate Dean, Academic.

Students in the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program may complete the regular program, or they may choose to complete the J.D. program with Certification in Common Law in French (CCLF)—a partnership with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. While both programs require the completion of a total of 90 credit units, the Certification in Common Law in French (CCLF) includes specific courses, including some at the University of Ottawa, which are in French. Please see the requirements for each program.

Students pursuing the part-time program must obtain approval from the Associate Dean, Academic.

Students in their second year must complete "Administrative Law" (LAW 340.3). In their second or third year, students must successfully complete "Legal Ethics and Professionalism" (LAW 421.3 or LAW 497.3), a senior-level Indigenous Law course and a seminar (each to be selected from the approved College list).

Students are required to attend classes in courses in which they are registered. Persistent failure to attend may lead to exclusion from the examinations.

Upper year students who withdraw from the College may require permission of the Associate Dean, Academic to return. Students who withdraw prior to completing first year ordinarily have to reapply for re-admission in competition with other students applying for admission in that year.

Students ordinarily must complete the J.D. requirements within six years. Students wishing to complete the J.D. requirements beyond this period must obtain permission from the College of Law Board of Examiners. One or more leaves of absence of up to two years in total are permitted upon notification being given to the Associate Dean, Academic prior to the deadline for registration changes.

Information on academic requirements for promotion and graduation may be found in the College of Law Academic Regulations.